Episode 3: Shopping for Love


In this episode, we focus on the industry surrounding Valentine's Day. Using the work of Laruen Berlant, Michael Warner, Karl Marx, Wendy Brown, Matthew Coleman and Matt Sparke, we explore the ways in which heteronormativity and neoliberalism are jointly put to work in the preservation and propagation of capitalism and the nation-state.


The Tesco Valentine's Day advert can be viewed here.


The theoretical texts we refer to are:

"Sex in Public" by Lauren Berlant and Michael Warner

Capital Vol. 1 by Karl Marx

"Neo-liberalism and the End of Liberal Democracy" by Wendy Brown

"Reclaiming Democracy: An Interview with Wendy Brown"

"U.S. statecraft and the U.S.–Mexico border as security/economy nexus" by Matthew Coleman

"A Neoliberal Nexus: Economy, Security and the Biopolitics of Citizenship on the Border" by Matt Sparke

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